Lizi, Mornington Peninsula

Ive had reiki and kinesiology before but have never been to a Shamanic Practitioner and I freqing loved this experience! I found it helped me so much from one session. I had so many energetic blockages throughout my body especially in my womb and gut and when Georgia was working over my stomach I felt like I had a baby in me kicking, it was the most bizarre experience! Whatever was sitting there energetically Georgia has shifted. I’m going to the toilet twice a day, I’m loosing weight and I’m not trying too. I feel so much better in myself. Georgia realigned my chakras and cleared ties that I still had to my ex boyfriend that was sitting in my womb. I’ve booked in again in a couple of weeks because if I feel this good after one session I cant imagine how good I’m going to feel after two, three or four. If you feel like things energetically affect you or you have past traumas or things going on I definitely recommend seeing Georgia.

Tessa, Melbourne

Georgia is an incredible gift to this world. Her connection with spirit is very strong, her heart so big, her energy like being nurtured, held, safe (like someone ready to fight and protect you - not that that is needed, but that is how safe she makes me feel as I drift off with spirit), and her ability to help you clear what you can't yourself is next to none. Georgia has helped me with everything from general energy clearing and guidance, to deep inner work such as understanding that I was carrying anxiety from my holocaust surviving grandmother's side of the family (probably in my DNA). Georgia is an authentic, heart-centered, and remarkable shamanic practitioner who lives and breathes her medicine every day. As a healer myself I know how much it takes to walk this path fearlessly and stay a strong vessel for pure energy to come through. Georgia does this day in and day out and is always able to help me. THANK YOU for your service, your love, and your fearlessness. I highly recommend Georgia to anyone and everyone

Felicity, Mornington Peninsula

​I am so grateful for Georgia Smyrk for coming out and moving on all the energy that has built up over the years prior us to purchasing our house - the house is about 50 years old! Georgia is the most gifted healer I have ever met! She also has a range of beautiful items for sale including manifesting candles that she blesses to bring into your life what is needed and I can say from my own experience that they truly work. The house feels so much lighter.


Izaja, Melbourne

​Highly recommend anyone who may be feeling stressed, anxious or even just a little out of balance to visit the lovely Georgia. This beautiful soul can do no wrong. I have opened myself up to so much more than I could ever see in the past and it is really overwhelming. There is no way to explain what feeling what I now feel is like. Knowing that life isn't just about what you can physically see. You don't need to 'see' to believe. Not many people will understand this but when you know, oh boy you will know.


Sally, Byron Bay

For me its important to support and learn off people with a like-minded way of life. People that are searching for more! People that ask what if? For me doing a distant reading or meditation with George is a complete self-love practice. To hear or listen to what someone with intense spiritual awareness has to say about my world and current situations, is healing just in its self. Thank you Georgia for always making me feel clear minded and balanced.

Blake, Melbourne

​Georgia provides an extremely professional and holistic service I was thoroughly impressed with. Able to provide comfort in both word and touch, she leaves you feeling like you can walk on clouds and has a range of different skills to call on depending on your healing needs. Thank you Georgia.