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Class Length: 1.5 Hours

Cost: $40

Location: Centre Of Healing Somerville Shop 1/68 Station St Somerville

Class Description

Connect inwards with Georgia Smyrk in her Breathwork and Shamanic Energy Medicine class designed to take you on a 1 hour and 30 minute journey to be the observer, releaser and healer whilst being guided and supported by Georgia. During this class we will be using Peruvian Inca Priest Don Giuliano Salas Shadow Work Process with permission and various other modalities and healing techniques Georgia has learnt throughout her energy work studies.



• Active Breathwork for emotional and energetic release supporting you in unlocking and removing heavy energy that’s sitting in the energetic body

• Shamanic Chakra Cleanse with Rattle

• Shadow Work Process – Entering parallel worlds of consciousness to be the observer of our Shadow and release and heal what is no longer serving you

• Shamanic Drumming over the physical body

• Energy Healing (support with releasing/removing and healing)

• Pachamama (Mother Earth) Meditation – Grounding, connecting and anchoring with Pachamama.

• Group Decoupling – Resets the Fight-or-Flight response and system. Supports lowering anxiety and stress levels. Supports making you feel safe and supported. Supports you from a perpetual state of Fight-or-Flight. Curtails the production of toxic stress hormones in the brain.


Please bring a pillow, blanket, yoga mat (or something to lay on) and any other props you need to be comfortable.

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