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Course Length: 1 Day

Cost: $400

Location: Centre Of Healing Somerville Shop 1/68 Station St Somerville

Course Description

Reiki level One is the entrance level to Reiki healing.

-Perform reiki on yourself for self-healing

-Practice reiki on friends and family

-Introduce reiki into your life.


You will learn about energy, source and how to use your new Reiki energy in your life every day. You will leave feeling wonderful as you will receive Reiki healing on the day and will be confident to practice your Reiki healing on friends, family and pets. Reiki is for everyone, whether you are wishing to be a Reiki practitioner or solely learn Reiki for yourself as it is an amazing self-healing tool to have in your life; learning Reiki is a truly transformative. Reiki is a self-development and spiritual development course as you will open up your energy pathways further and be a channel for source energy and receive source energy.

You will also receive a booklet with all the information needed to support you on your Reiki Journey.


Included: Reiki Lineage & history, Chakra system, Principles & Ethics, Practitioner guidelines, How to channel Reiki energy.


You will receive upon completion of the course: Certificate I Reiki.


For Reiki One dates please email I also welcome group bookings and can arrange a date that works for you.

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