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Enagic for Health & Abundance

When joining a business it is crucial to choose one that aligns with your values and offers a path to financial success while contributing to personal growth and the well-being of others. I am partnered with Enagic, a business that feels good in my heart and soul. My first why is because I always prioritise investing in mine and my families health and the water Ionisers were the next investment for our health. My second why is because I wanted to earn an income online. Partnering with Enagic is allowing me to earn an income online by sharing products and an abundant business model I am proud to be apart of, providing people with life changing water and a prosperous business to change your life, health and to live abundantly on all levels.


25 Minute Webinar with Georgia Smyrk providing a zoomed out overview of the health benefits, community, support, compensation plan, lifestyle opportunities, earning an income online and the added support and inclusions of being on my team and what you will receive


The Discovery Process is a detailed overview of the water ionisers, Enagics Holistic alignment, the lifestyle opportunities, and the business opportunity of earning a income online with automated and time leveraged systems

-First Video is 17 Minutes to learn about the Enagic opportunity

-Second Video is 23 Minutes to learn the most effective and abundant way to earn an income with Enagic

-Third Video is 22 Minutes that explains the Enagic Ukon product and strategy

-Forth Video is 42 Minutes covering the most common questions


The Ebook outlines the health benefits of the Kangen K8 Electrolysed reduced water with a detailed explanation of how changing your water changes your life. Including the 60+ ways to use the various waters the Kangen K8 produces from Molecular hydrogen rich drinking water to personal care, holistic remedies and cleaning. Discover various waters that benefit your health and toxic load. 

Lets Connect

Thank you for contacting me about Enagic, I will be in contact with you shortly

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