Session Length: 1.5 Hours

Energy Exchange: $150

During a shamanic energy medicine session I use ancient techniques and methods passed on from my teachers to administer healing. I have studied and worked with various modalities over the last eight years including Reiki, Bio-energetic Medicine, Holistic Counselling, Complementary Therapies, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Metaphysical Energy Work, Yoga and Energy Healing which will be incorporated into the Shamanic Energy Medicine session when called upon. I work alongside spirit in our sessions, the connection I have developed with spirit over many years allows me to be guided to perform precise and deep healing work. The healing techniques and methods are direct. You always receive the healing medicine you need, it is very transformative, sometimes leaving you in a state of bliss and sometimes you will experience uncomfortable states due to the nature of the healing. Spirit and I will hold sacred space for you as we work together.


I work with the energy system as a whole, working closely with your chakra system, auric body and Luminous Energy Field including the four layers The Physical, The Mental, The Emotional and The Spiritual.


Some of the Shamanic Energy Medicine and Healing techniques I may use in a session are:


  • Decoupling – Resets the Fight-or-Flight response & system. Lowers anxiety & stress levels. Makes you feel safe & supported. Removes you from a perpetual state of Fight-or-Flight. Curtails the production of toxic stress hormones in the brain.

  • Illumination – Upgrades the LEF* by erasing toxic & unwanted energy (imprints. *) Clears & heals karma at the root of the blueprint. Turns emotional & mental wounds into sources of power & knowledge. Combusts toxic energy around harmful physical, emotional & mental imprints. Removes heavy energy from the chakras & overwrites imprints that predispose us to disease.

  • Extraction – Extracting crystallized energies from the LEF. Assists with healing former life energies, biological and karmic imprints & the emotional legacy inherited from your ancestors & psychic attack. Removal of heavy, stubborn energy.

  • Extraction – Extracting fluid energy from the LEF that is moving through the whole energy body disrupting chakras, meridians, the auric field, mental and emotional state. Removal of entities and psychic attack. Intrusive energies of earthbound spirits.

  • Cord Cutting – Cutting energetic cords that bind us to people, places, the past, events, situations, emotional & mental trauma

  • Soul Retrieval – Retrieving essential parts of ourselves that have broken off (soul loss) due to physical trauma, emotional trauma and traumatic events. Soul loss can manifest in several ways including but not limited too illness, emotional imbalance and fear.

  • Soul Contracts – Renegotiating & removing obsolete soul contracts (agreements we have entered into in order to cope with uncomfortable/painful situations) & limiting beliefs.

  • Little Death – recalibrate and awaken dense energies within the LEF (waking energy system up)

  • Spirit Flight – flight to access lightness and connection to our true essence and source.

  • Divination – Perceiving the world of energy, reading the signs of destiny and accessing messages provided by Nature, Tarot, Oracle, Leaf and stone.

  • Tracking- Tracking through the four levels, physical, mind, soul and energy. Seeing what is in the past and stepping into the future, reading the LEF.

  • Journeying – Entering parallel worlds of consciousness

  • Destiny Retrieval – Tracking through the momentum tunnel for desired destinies (healthier states) and installing that destiny into your life lines.

  • Ancestral Work

  • Past Life Work

  • Shadow Work

  • Womb Medicine – Healing energy and trauma within the womb space, including ancestral, birth, feminine; restoring the womb back into its true intuitive, creative loving space.

  • Death Rites – Helping a loved one dye consciously, lightly and assisting them on their great journey home.

  • Psychopomp – Helping spirits cross over

  • Seven Chakra Illumination – Removal of deep rooted energies at the blueprint within the seven chakras.

  • Breathwork – Ancient breathing techniques to release trauma and create wellness within the physical and energetic body

  • Meditation

  • Fire Ceremony – A ceremony on the full moon of every month. The fire is the teacher and the releaser. In this ceremony there is an offering to Pachamama and a spirit arrow that allows you to release an issue.

  • Archetype Fire Ceremony – A ceremony to work with the energy of one of the organising archetype principles of the universe.

  • Despacho Ceremony – A prayer bundle to the organising principles of the Universe re-establishing ayni (right relationship) or protection and constitutes the central axis of energetic exchange for healing. Bringing one into harmony with the three worlds of the Uhupacha, Kaypacha, Hanqpacha, heaven, earth and the archetypical organizing principles of the universe.

  • Sandpaintings – A powerful dynamic process reflecting the transformation you wish to achieve such as healing, change or a pathway to your inner wisdom.

  • Rites & Initiations

  • Rite of Womb

  • Installing the Bands of Power & protection

*Imprints – Emotional, mental, physical toxic energy, trauma & ailments.

*LEF – Blueprint/Energy System.

You will also be given homecare to support and integrate the healing session, as healing is not a session it is a journey that I am here to guide and empower you on. I look forward to embarking on your spiritual journey with you.